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Hoian Optional Tours - Hoian Private Tours

Times: 1 day
Departure time at will
Transport : car/van/bus; boat
General introduction

The 14th day of the lunar month is a Buddhist day of worship. Residents place offerings of food and incense on their ancestral altars and visit one of Hoi An's many pagodas. The scent of incense and the sounds of people singing add to the town's enchanted atmosphere. On these evenings, visitors will get a rare glimpse into another era. These nights are a welcome reminder of life's unexpected beauty.

Specific schedule


Our guide will come to meet you at your hotel at 8.00 am. Drive to My Son, a World Culture Heritage, 40 km southwest of Hoi An. Located in a lush valley, My Son was a capital and religious center of Cham people, now remaining with red brick towers and sanctuaries. My Son, considered to be in the same league as some of Southeast Asia's greatest archaeological sites, including Angkor in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar, Ayutthaya in Thailand and Borobudur in Indonesia. These towers and sanctuaries was built from the 7 to 13 centuries. Finish tour by noon at your hotel.


   2 - 3 pax group:  USD 45/pax

   4 - 5 pax group: USD 30/pax

   6 - 7 pax group: USD 25/pax

   8 pax up: USD 18/pax

Inclusive: Private car, Entrance fees, English/French speaking guide
Exclusive: Drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Tip



In the morning, take a private car/van from Hoi An Town to My Son Holy Land. Back to Hoi An for lunch. After the relax, it is light excursion to go around tiny town of Hoi An for city tour: 400 years old Japanese Bridge, 300 years old Chinese temple, 200 years old Vietnamese former merchants' house. Tour end at about 16.30 pm.


   2 - 3 pax group: USD 68/pax

    4 - 5 pax group: USD 50/pax

   6 - 7 pax group: USD 45/pax

   8 pax up: USD 38/pax

Inclusive: Private car, Entrance fees, English/French speaking guide, Lunch
Exclusive: Drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Tip



Your first explore Cham Culture is the real temples and sanctuaries at My Son - the religious center of Cham people in Vietnam. After the My Son complex was discovered, many of its artifacts, especially statues of female dancers and genies worshipped by the Cham people, worship animals and artifacts of the daily communal activities, were collected and displayed at the Cham Architecture Museum (established from 1915) in Danang city. Now, the Museum is housed of the finest collection of Cham sculptures in the world. In the afternoon, you will discover the life of Cham people at Cham Musuem. Tour end.


   2 - 3 pax group: USD 75/pax

   4 - 5 pax group: USD 55/pax

   6 - 7 pax group: USD 50/pax

   8 pax up: USD 45/pax

Inclusive:Private car/van, Entrance fees, English/French speaking guide, Lunch

Exclusive: Drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Tip



08.00: Our local guide will meet you, walk through the old streets and then embark on a boat from the bank of the Thu Bon River. Enjoy the beauty of ancient Hoi An from the river. Continue toThanh Ha pottery village; discover the daily life of the villagers. View the various stages of producing the many kinds of pottery products like: jar, vase, pot, earthen pot, decorative lamps and so on. Continue to visit Kim Bong carpenters’ village, listen to the village’s history and visit the shipbuilding yards, and see the handicrafts and sculptures. Return to Hoi An Travel where your tour ends.  


   2 - 3 pax group: USD 35/pax

    4 - 5 pax group: USD 20/pax

   6 - 7 pax: USD 17/pax

   8 pax up: USD 15/pax

Inclusive: English and Vietnamese local tour guide, boat trip to visit villages, and entrance fees.
Exclusive: Drinks, Insurance, Personal expenses, Tip



One of the great pleasures of any visit to Hoi An is strolling along the beautiful streets of the old town at night under the flickering lights of the many beautiful lanterns. These simple yet colorful lanterns are both part of Hoi An culture and Hoi An today.

Half-day tour: Welcome to Hội An traditional lantern factory. You’ll meet the craftsman. The tourguide will introduce to you about the history, structure and styles of Hoi An lantern.

You will make a lantern by yourselves with the artisan’s directions – this lantern is also the gift for you. Besides, you’ll learn some Vietnamese ordinary sentences. It’s absolutely useful for your trip in Vietnam.

The lantern making steps:

Step 1: Choose your favorite lantern color.

Step 2: Craftsman gives you bamboo skeleton and some materials prepared for making a lantern.

Step 3: Artisan will show you techniques to complete a lantern. Especially, he directs the way how to glue cloth on bamboo lath (3 ones per a piece of cloth), keep doing until we have lantern skeleton covered.

he artist goes on guiding to trim superfluous clothes for the elegant lantern.
Step 4: Artisan’ll help you add tail

Everything has done. You have your own lanterns. Just come and enjoy!

Saying goodbye to your host and returning to the hotel.


   2 – 3 pax group: 28$/pax

   4 – 5 pax group: 20$/pax
Includes: Bicycle, English speaking guide, Workshop with craftsman, Material for making the lantern, Mineral water.

Excludes: Personal expenses, Drinks, Tip.


DTO 02 - 06Cam Thanh Coconut Village

At 8:00 am or 1:00 pm: Our driver and tour guide will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel in Hoi An. It will 20 minute before you arrive in Cam Thanh.

Take a basket boat transferring to Cam Thanh water coconut village. Learn about the daily life of Vietnamese fishermen, their families and their community. On the trip, the boatman will take coconut leaves to make amazing natural ornaments such as hats, rings, glasses…These lovely ornaments will be then given to you as a gift. You will surely experience the feeling of floating on the waves of water and join an equally fun basket boat race between the baskets together in the cheering and bustling drum music.

Coconut forest is a very unique ecoregion, with a beautiful mangrove forest, is the habitat of many precious animals such as crabs, shrimps, fishes and shellfishes.

Local people will teach you how to paddle the Vietnamese unique bamboo basket boat. You will hear stories of past wars and the harsh conditions that soldiers have to endure.

Relax and transfer back the hotel. Ends tour.


   2 - 3 pax group: USD 32/pax

    4 - 5 pax group: USD 25/pax

   6 - 7 pax group: USD 18/pax

   8 pax up: USD 15/pax

Included: Private carvan, English speaking guide, Entrance fee, Basket boat, Jaket safe.

Excluded: Tip, Personal fee.

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