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Times: 1 day
Departure time at will
Transport : Car
General introduction

* Tree ferns are commonly seen on steep, moist slopes and ravines of the upper areas of the park.

* The Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) is one of the less known larger mammals whose classification is still unclear.

 “ When the screen of mist is melting into the rather cold weather, the invaluable natural resources of the fauna and flora and the remaining walls of  the old villas... are gradually appearing, you are visiting the famous resort which was once located at the summit of Bach Ma, on the outskirts of Hue City.

In its heyday, Bach Ma had 139 villas, a post office, a garden of flowers,...” 

Specific schedule

AM: 7:00 Pick you up at your hotel and depart to Bach Ma National Park. Stop at the Visitor Centre to be given an introduction about the park. Driver to the summit of Bach Ma and from this peak, Hai Vong Dai (Sea-view tower), to see the wonderful panorama of mountains, lagoons and East Sea. After a trek to the Five Lakes, swim in the cool and clear streams of water and take a rest at the huge rocks. Have lunch.

PM: Visit the Rhododendron Fall (the beautiful and huge fall with the height of 300m) and Rhododendron flower forest with numerous legends about it. Return to Hue City or transfer to Da Nang/Hoian.

Detail price


01 pax group: USD 105/pax (+ USD 35 transfer to Danang/Hoian)

02 pax group: USD 60/pax (+ USD 18/pax transfer to Danang/Hoian)

3 - 5 pax group: USD 52/pax (+ USD 15/pax transfer to Danang/Hoian)

6 - 9 pax group: USD 35/pax (+ USD 8/pax transfer to Danang/Hoian)

Included: Transport with aircondtional, French or English speaking guide, lunch, entrance fees, water.

Excluded: Drink...